Lot 5b: CATURRA - Natural

CATURRA NATURAL - Finca Deborah produces a very limited amount of Caturra and all is processed in the natural method. The processing of this Caturra starts with a meticulous picking practice where only the ripest cherries are harvested with a BRIX reading over 24. After the cherries are harvested they are post selected on raised African beds. After several days in the direct sunlight the coffee is dropped to the second level bed where it is shade-dried for up to 30 days. This slow, methodical process gives the coffee grain an opportunity to absorb the layered, natural, complex flavors provided by the coffee fruit.

Lot Description

Reference Number:5b
Opening Bid:$40.00/kg
重量:45 kgs

Farm details

Farm Name: Finca Deborah


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