Lot 3a: AFTERGLOW - Natural Geisha

AFTERGLOW - Traditionally process natural Geisha. Current Korean Brewers Cup coffee. This coffee has won many national Barista Championships and was used to place 2nd and 10th in the 2019 World Barista Championship, Boston. We start with harvesting perfectly ripe cherries with a BRIX reading over 21. The fruit is quickly brought to the dry-house for post selection where it is placed on the top level of a 3-tiered raised African bed system. A certain depth of the cherries is required to enhance the fruit forward notes that Afterglow is known for. Frequent agitation of the cherries is necessary for even drying and to prevent any negative fermentation notes from developing. After several days in direct sunlight the cherries are dropped to the second level and shade dried to approximately 11%.

Lot Description

Reference Number:3a
Opening Bid:$130.00/kg
무게:45 kgs

Farm details

Farm Name: Finca Deborah

기타 정보

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