Lot 15b: SYMBIOSIS - Extended Duration Anaerobic Natural Geisha

SYMBIOSIS – Fully ripe Geisha cherries are placed inside hermetically sealed tanks for extended periods exceeding 100 hrs. The natural off gassing of C02 is permitted to slowly force any residual oxygen from the tank. This non-infusion approach to fermentation provides the cherries more time in the early stages to rapidly ferment. It is a more aggressive approach to controlled fermentation and a more robust, ripe fruit tone to the coffee is created while still maintaining variety and terroir at the forefront of this composition. During this process, PH, internal and external temperatures are monitored several times per day.

Lot Description

Reference Number:15b
Opening Bid:$130.00/kg
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :45 kgs


Farm Name: Finca Deborah


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