Lot 16b: LIMITLESS - Yeast Inoculated Natural Geisha

LIMITLESS – New to 2020 production, Limitless starts with harvesting ripe Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on BRIX meter. The cherries are carefully selected for a second time before depositing them inside hermetically sealed tanks where a yeast inoculation is added. The cherries marinade in this yeast bath for more than 75 hrs allowing the yeast to consume a large portion of the sugars within the fruit. The coffee is removed and placed on three tiered, raised African bed system. Temperatures, heat, and humidity are controlled inside the dry houses and carefully maintained within certain parameters. The coffee is consistently agitated throughout the day to allow homogenous drying.

Lot Description

Reference Number:16b
Opening Bid:$130.00/kg
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :30 kgs


Farm Name: Finca Deborah


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