Lot 2b: TERROIR - Traditional Washed Geisha

TERROIR - The consummate Panamanian washed Geisha coffee. This coffee was named Terroir because of its exquisite reflection of the environmental conditions from which it was grown. Terroir was used to win the 2016 World Barista Championship in Dublin, Ireland. This coffee reeks of it’s terroir and variety while elegantly delivering the message of cleanliness and perfect symmetry. Terroir starts with a meticulous harvesting practice where only the ripest most intact, cherries are harvested. Cherries are then de-fruited using the latest low-water consumption equipment. Terroir is shade-dried on the second level of a 3 tiered raised African bed system to prevent cracking. The coffee is stirred frequently to ensure consistent humidity. Careful monitoring of dry house temperature, airflow, and humidity is critical for achieving optimal results for elegant coffee.

Lot Description

Reference Number:2b
Opening Bid:$130.00/kg
Weight:45 kgs

Farm details

Farm Name: Finca Deborah

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