Lot 1b: 1 Box MORPHO, 1 Box VIVID, 1 Box ECHO

MORPHO (1x15kg bag) – Washed yeast inoculation Geisha. The coffee is deposited in hermetically sealed for more than 50 hrs. Temperatures and PH levels are monitored several times a day and cataloged to ensure the coffees stay within proper parameters. The coffee is removed and placed on a three-tiered raised African bed system and carefully dried in shaded conditions. The coffee is consistently agitated throughout the day to allow even drying within the grain.


VIVID (1x15kg bag) – One of the most elegant and complex Deborah cup profiles. It is also one of the most arduous to produce. Vivid was used to place 2nd in the World Brewers Cup in Budapest, Hungary 2017. This coffee is a Natural Carbonic Macerated, Wash finished, Geisha. After harvesting red-ripe cherries they are promptly deposited into hermetic tanks where CO2 is infused into the tanks. The cherries stay in tanks for more than 50 hrs. Tanks are periodically infused throughout the day. PH and temps are registered also. Cherries are then removed from tanks and the coffee is then pulped and placed on shaded African beds to dry for up to 15 days.


ECHO (1x15kg bag) - Echo was recently used to place 2nd in the World Barista Championship, 2019. It is a washed Carbonic Macerated, Cascara infused Geisha and starts with harvesting Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on the BRIX scale. The cherries are then carefully selected for a second time before processing. After pulping, Cascara, the skin of the coffee cherry, is added into the tank and mixed within the freshly pulped coffee. The coffee is then tanked for an extended period exceeding 50 hours and is constantly monitored and data cataloged. PH, temperature, and CO2 levels are the primary units carefully observed. Ambient temperatures are monitored and controlled to ensure linearity in processing and CO2 infused, periodically.

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Boxes: 3
Weight: 45 kgs

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