Lot 19a: INTERSTELLAR - Multi-Variable Yeast Inoculated Natural Geisha

INTERSTELLAR – This coffee is multi-variable, incorporating several advanced techniques for the first time. It is an extended duration, experimental yeast composition combined with anaerobic properties making it one of the most technical compositions for 2020. Ultra-ripe, whole cherries are deposited inside stainless steel tanks and a yeast inoculation added. The cherries marinate in the yeast bath for more than 150 hours giving the yeast time to consume a large portion of the sugars within the fruit. During this time the coffee grains are absorbing the high fruit notes and floral aromatics qualities. The purpose of adding this yeast strain is to enhance aromatics, refine acidity, and induce more body in the cup. The cherries are then removed and carefully shade dried on raised African beds under strict parameters.

Lot Description

Reference Number:19a
Opening Bid:$150.00/kg
Weight:30 kgs

Farm details

Farm Name: Finca Deborah

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